A great website one year can begin to look tired and old-fashioned the next, which is why it is good to stay on-trend and shake up your business website with a new look once in a while.

Business Computing World reports that the autumn/winter 2017 trends for web design begins with excellent layout features such as grid systems for sharp lines, safe-for-web fonts and uncluttered web graphics.

“One of the golden rules in any good web design is how crisp and sharp the design is,” said article author and digital designer Richard Kearsey. “Have you taken into consideration alignment, relevant images and colouring, manually clean up of extra line, shape, and boxes, appropriate grids to make the content look simpler and easy to read and understand?”

He added that experimenting with horizontal and vertical text is very fashionable in the online world at present, as freeing copy from its usual alignment adds a new dimension to a webpage.

Another interesting feature to include in a revamped website that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of conversational interfaces and AI-powered bots, adding a conversational element to a website, especially if it is a very customer-focused business.

“Conversational interfaces and AI-powered bots are going to dominate the web design services, empowering businesses to automate communication and sales in the long run,” Kearsey said.

Another trend web designers are pushing is responsive web design, which improves the user’s experience and means visitors are likely to stay on the website for longer, improving analytics and advertising click-through results.

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