There are social faux pas, fashion faux pas, and now there are web design faux pas that could be costing you valuable business.

Techaeris reveals that there are five common mistakes companies make with their web design that can easily be avoided.

Complicated user interfaces and navigation are top of the list, and something as simple as adding a navigation bar can tidy a website up considerably, rather than relying on a web of links making it difficult should a user wish to return to a page they had already clicked past.

Inefficient SEO is a common pitfall for the non-initiated. Without employing efficient Search Engine Optimisation, a business website might not appear on the second, let alone first page of a Google search of their product or service.

Internet usage is changing and a business website that does not have a mobile-friendly version can put somebody browsing on their phone off a company simply because the page is too tricky to navigate on a smaller device.

Choosing visuals over user experience is a very easy mistake to make, but too much animation can lead to slow loading times or distract from your company message.

Finally, improper use of analytics, and therefore not understanding how people are accessing your site, where they are based, and what parts of the site interested them the most, is letting valuable business data escape.

If you are seeking web designers in Surrey, choose a professional that can tackle all these issues for you and bring you a professional website that adds credibility to your brand.