Considering looking at the expertise of professional web design in Kingston for your website? Well if you were still on the fence about bringing in a digital expert then the proof is in: bespoke business web design adds credibility to your brand.

Business Computing World writer Karen Evans says to treat your website like a business shop front – it’s what customers see first of all when they find you online.

The entrepreneur behind StartBloggingOnline stated that if 85 per cent of consumers are using the internet to find a product or local business, an impressive website is essential, because it could be the website that engenders trust and confidence in the product or service.

In addition, customer reviews and testimonials on a business website go a long way to help persuade a prospective customer. The desire for a client or buyer to feel they can rely on the services offered by a digital business can be a more powerful tool to a company even than price point.

Another reason to put your website in the hands of the professionals is to prevent slow sites, which could be punished by a new Facebook algorithm which aims to reduce the number of links it shows to slow sites.

A professional web designer will be able to tackle slow websites by identifying big, flashy graphics or over-large files that hinder the responsiveness of a site. Feel free to get in touch with the Tiger Pink team and we’ll answer any queries you may have about making your homepage look ‘the business’.