Are You Protected Against DDoS Attack?

Are You Protected Against DDoS Attack?

Once you have invested in the best web designers Surrey has to offer you need to make sure your website is as well protected against cyber attackers as possible.

DDoS attacks received some attention in the news recently when the Labour Party was subjected to not one, but two attacks in a short period of time during the election campaign.

No data was breached, but this isn’t surprising as this is not what DDoS attacks aim to do.


What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. These involve multiple systems flooding the bandwidth or resources of a particular website with the aim of bringing it ‘down’ for a period of time. So-called ‘bot nets’ are often used for this purpose.

It is possible to buy a DDoS attack that will bring a website offline for a short period of time for very little money on the dark web. It is a form of organised crime.


What protection can I get?

CloudFlare is one of the most popular DDoS protection options and it is thought this is what the Labour Party used for their website. This incident proves the success of the product.

There are other options for smaller companies who cannot afford CloudFlare. One option is Google’s Project Shield which is aimed at small organisations, news and media groups and non-profits. Website owners can apply to join and will have their eligibility assessed on a rolling basis.

AWS Shield is another market leader to consider.

The Importance of Good Website Design.

The Importance of Good Website Design.

In an increasingly online driven competitive environment, it is all the more important to make those first impressions count. The design of your website is a vital part of your marketing and online presence. To build an online business, it is important to keep in mind these essential website design elements.


First Impressions Count.

The moment a customer first visits your website, they make judgments on your brand. It is vital to make a positive impact on your audience within seconds.

The website design impacts how your business is perceived. Outdated websites, broken links and images, and messy UI and appearance can give a very negative impression, both of the website, and your brand. Good website design will increase your potential to create leads. An attractive welcoming website creates trust in your brand, and your customer service.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Strategy.

There are many elements of a website, not all of them immediately apparent or visible, which affect how search engines find and index your website. If your SEO fundamentals are not up to scratch, you will be struggling to drive traffic to your business right from the very start. A will ensure that you are fully optimised.


Keep Up With Your Competitors.

Given the choice between a poorly maintained and designed website, and a sleek, polished, well presented site, you know yourself which one you will prefer. So don’t fall behind the competition simply due to poor design. Check out your competitors, and see if they are doing anything different, or better. Make sure your brand stands out in the crowd!

Consistency is the key, and finding good website design in Kingston could not be easier. Get in touch today, and let us help your brand and business.

Websites Gear Up For Black Friday Traffic

Websites Gear Up For Black Friday Traffic

Websites that allow their visitors to purchase goods should start considering how they will cope with the surge in traffic they are likely to experience on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Next Friday (November 29th), retailers all around the country will slash their prices to entice Christmas shoppers through their doors or on to their websites and purchase items ahead of the festive rush.

The tradition, which has gained popularity in the UK in recent years after launching in America, is then followed by Cyber Monday.

This is taking place on December 2nd this year and involves online-only deals for shoppers who are attracted to good web design in Kingston and would rather purchase items on their computer than on the high street.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were traditionally only on offer for one day each, it is now usual for retailers, both offline and online, to provide discounts for a fortnight leading up to the end of November. That is why it is imperative e-commerce sites start thinking about their own reductions to gain advantage over their competitors.

Last year, Brits spent £4.5 billion on Black Friday deals, typically shelling out £202 each on the discounted offers. However, according to Finder, more people are planning to take advantage of the sales this year, which could see the total figure reach £7 billion.

To improve your chance of gaining traction during the Black Friday week, it is wise to improve website and logistics capacity, spread deals across different times or days, and use online stores and email communication as ways to promote discounts and encourage spending, according to PwC.

Online Retailers Prepare For Launch Of Christmas Ads

Online Retailers Prepare For Launch Of Christmas Ads

Those who have not started their Christmas shopping are sure to throw themselves into it after the biggest retailers in the country launch their festive advertising campaigns this week.

That is why it is more important than ever for online retailers to make sure their ecommerce facilities are in working order, so they can deal with the increase in traffic from shoppers over the Christmas period.

Whether or not your business is launching its own TV, print or radio marketing campaign for the festive season, you are likely to see a rise in activity on your website as consumers crank up their Christmas shopping after the ads launch.

The most-anticipated campaign of the year has to be John Lewis’, with the retail giant reportedly spending as much as £7 million on its Christmas ad last year, which featured none other than Elton John.

Its 2019 video is, in contrast, an animated clip featuring a friendly, but accident-prone, dragon called Edgar and his best friend Ava.

While the two and a half minute ad can be seen online already, it will air officially on Saturday (November 16th) during ITV’s The X Factor: Celebrity.

Other major retailers have blown the budget on their campaigns too, with Walkers’ Christmas ad featuring singing sensation Mariah Carey, and Iceland’s family-friendly video starring characters from Disney’s Frozen 2.

Whether or not you sell food, gifts or decorations, you could find traffic to your website surges after the Christmas advert season gets underway. So, with all these extra visitors, it is essential to make sure your web design in Surrey is as eye-catching and user-friendly as possible.

Have You Heard Of Audio Branding?

Have You Heard Of Audio Branding?

You might be relatively familiar with the visual element of branding by now. Logos, colours associated with your company and anything that you see in relation to your brand is vital to making you recognisable.

But audio branding might be an area you’re less familiar with. Chief marketing and digital officer of US firm Target Rick Gomez recently told attendees at the annual ANA Masters of Marketing conference that he wants to focus more on this element of branding, explaining that he believes it’s going to become “increasingly important”.

The Drum reported on his comments, where he explained that part of audio branding for a retailer is to consider what sounds a customer will hear when they walk into a store.

He also said that he believes “the role of voice” will play a vital role in how retail marketing develops in the future.

This is something that web retailers also need to consider. Forbes recently highlighted voice search as one of the top trends that’s emerging in marketing at present.

Voice-assisted technology has become increasingly prevalent in our homes, and the convenience it offers means that more and more people are embracing it.

Understanding the difference between voice and text-based search will be essential for all kinds of businesses in the future if they’re to stand out from their competition when potential customers are searching for products or services.

Considering voice search when you’re developing or amending your website is essential. And if you produce any audio content, you may also want to consider how you brand it.

Need a hand with your web design in Kingston? Get in touch with us today.

EU Introduces New Verification Step For Ecommerce Sites

EU Introduces New Verification Step For Ecommerce Sites

Businesses that run an ecommerce facility to allow customers to purchase from them online might need to update their website design in Kingston after the European Union (EU) introduced a new verification step.

The Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has been set up to provide better protection for those conducting payments above €30 (£26.60) online.

The reason behind the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement in Europe is to make buying things on the internet more secure, and to reduce incidences of fraud.

Users might have noticed they now need to put in an additional authentication before they check out, so that at least two forms of verification have been inputted. These include a password or PIN; the confirmation of a secondary device, such as a phone; and fingerprint or face recognition.

Strong Customer Authentication is required when online payments are initiated by the customer and both the business and the cardholder’s banks are located within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Therefore, SCA will be required for most card payments and all bank transfers, with users most commonly needing to access a one-time passcode through their mobile phones.

However, an article in the Telegraph reports that this could negatively impact some customers: “This has left those without a mobile phone or who live in areas with poor signal struggling to make purchases online.”

Some people also believe that while the process keeps customers’ information and purchases more secure, it is another hurdle for them when it comes to online shopping.

Co-founder of PayKickstart Mark Thompson wrote in The Next Web: “What’s just one extra step for the consumer – a click to accept cookies, receive marketing emails, or confirm a transaction – that’s another obstacle for the seller to closing a sale or getting the lead. This can significantly impact the business’ conversion rates and revenue.”

While the new regulations came in force on September 14th, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) agreed a plan to implement SCA over the course of 18 months. This will allow those in the ecommerce industry – such as card issuers, payments firms and online retailers – time to update their processes to fall in line with the new rules.

Businesses will not be penalised if they do not meet the SCA requirements straight away, so long as they can prove they are making changes to comply with the rules by the time the deadline arrives. This includes undertaking required testing to ensure SCA applies adequately and without disruption to the customer.

Jonathon Davidson, executive director for supervision – retail and authorisations at the FCA, said: “While these measures will reduce fraud, we want to make sure that they won’t cause material disruption to consumers themselves; so we have agreed a phased plan for their timely introduction.”

With just a month to go before Britain leaves the EU, it is uncertain whether organisations in the UK will have to comply with this specific legislation. SCA could form part of the Brexit agreement terms, or it could be something the country decides to implement independently.