Trends For Website Stock Images That Will Be Huge In 2019

Trends For Website Stock Images That Will Be Huge In 2019

The end of the year is approaching, which means it is time for most companies to reflect on the past 12 months and look at ways they can improve their offerings for 2019.

When it comes to stock image companies, they will need to make their forecasts on what the visual trends will be over the next year, so they can provide the right images that the public will want to see.

This will impact all businesses with good-quality web design in Surrey, as their use of stock images is what helps bring their website to life and keep visitors on their page.

Here are just a few of the stock image trends we are likely to see in 2019.


– Nature

Adobe Stock and Getty/iStock have predicted there will be a growth in demand for nature images next year, as a result of the increasing concern about the environment, according to Digital Arts Online.

The image providers believe more users will want pictures that reflect people trying to find peace and solace in a chaotic world by immersing themselves in nature instead.


Neon colours

Companies using stock image libraries will be searching for bolder, brighter colours next year, it has been predicted.

According to Shutterstock’s forecast for 2019, people will want neon, digital and urban-focused shades. These include colours such as UFO Green, which is very similar to grass and countryside shades, Proton Purple, and Plastic Pink.

These will certainly be great looks for any website, as they are striking to visitors, and will be able to grab their attention as soon as they land on your webpage.


– Art history

It is not just modern looks that are set to create waves in the stock image world next year, as many people want to download more historic art as well.

Deposit Photos believes this trend, which gained popularity in 2018, will continue, with art history influencing modern-day photography. Christy Lee, an American photographer, definitely embraced this trend, creating images that reflected Baroque style paintings.


Still life

For those who need standard stock images, these will always have their place, particularly when it comes to still life photography.

According to Getty, companies looking for pictures of objects will be able to access very artistic and visually appealing images. A trend that has become popular on social media is the ‘Dark table mood’, depicting food shots in a moody setting, which is reminiscent of 17th century Dutch painters.

Indeed, businesses that want to add some pictures of fruit on to their website will be able to find really interesting and creative shots instead, which will make their web design stand out from their competitors’ websites.


– Choose carefully

Whatever trend you follow next year, it is important to choose your pictures carefully. Your website images reflect the content and design of your entire business, so make sure you stick to one theme and make the artwork consistent.

It is worth thinking carefully about what image you want to portray from your business, and then you will be able to find the right type of photos, drawings or paintings that will reflect your branding appropriately to prospective clients or customers.

Online Sales Could Top £1.5bn On Black Friday

Online Sales Could Top £1.5bn On Black Friday

More and more Brits are waiting to make their online purchases this week to see if they can take advantage of any Black Friday sales.

The anticipation of tomorrow’s (November 23rd) retail discounts could result in consumers spending as much as £1.5 billion on the web. So if you need to do any final checks on your e-commerce site to make sure it is in working order, you have less than 24 hours to get in touch with web designers in Surrey to solve any hiccups.

It will certainly be worth it so you can take advantage of the millions of customers who are preparing to spend the cash tomorrow, whether they bag a bargain or not.

According to, there could be an increase in online sales from last year’s already impressive figures, which saw an increase of 11.7 per cent from 2016’s statistics.

Director of the site Adam Bullock was reported by the Express as saying: “We are again expecting online sales to rise but at a slightly lower rate of around ten per cent, meaning online sales should top £1.5 billion.”

He noted this could be the first time online sales exceed the £1.5 billion mark, should as many consumers purchase goods in their shopping baskets as are expected to.

Whether or not you have issued discounts for the upcoming Black Friday event, you are likely to benefit from having an e-commerce function on your website anyway, as Mr Bullock noted: “Online sales are continuing to grow as consumers increasingly move their shopping online.”

Last week, GoCompare Credit Cards predicted that as much as £4.5 billion could be spent on Black Friday this year, with more than half of consumers planning to do their shopping on the internet, reported Your Money.

Get Your Website Ready For £4.5bn Black Friday Shopping Spree

Get Your Website Ready For £4.5bn Black Friday Shopping Spree

Brits are holding out on their Christmas shopping so they can grab a bargain in Black Friday sales, with UK shoppers expected to spend as much as £4.5 billion on this year’s deals.

Businesses have been reminded of the importance of getting their websites in order by hiring good web designers in Kingston to spruce up their site and make sure their e-commerce section is working as effectively as possible to help them capitalise on the huge demand for online sales this Black Friday (November 23rd).

Your Money reported that more than half (57 per cent) of consumers plan to do their shopping online this year, and as many as 17 per cent say they will use their smartphone in the end of November sales. Therefore, it is essential websites and apps are easy for those on their tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones to use.

According to GoCompare Credit Cards’ Black Friday Shopping Study, 36 per cent of households in the UK are intending to buy something in the sale, with each one planning to spend £165. This is a 53 per cent increase on last year’s spend, taking the total to an estimated £4.5 billion.

Georgie Frost, consumer advocate at GoCompare Credit Card, noted that Black Friday has surged in popularity over the last few years to become “one of the UK’s biggest shopping events”.

“As a result, we see behaviours changing, with an increase in household spend, more shopping on smartphones [and] more people researching the best deals online,” said Ms Frost.

Last year, Brits forked out £1.39 billion on Black Friday through its online sales alone, representing an increase of 11.7 per cent from the previous year, IMRG revealed. This year could see an even greater growth in online sales, with more people tempted to avoid the high street and shop at home than ever before.

Do You Need Conversion Rate Optimisation On Your Website?

Do You Need Conversion Rate Optimisation On Your Website?

Web design has become an essential part of making businesses work in this technology-driven day and age. But as many of us are aware, developing a website is a continuous process – not something you can do once and leave alone.

A recent article for Business Matters magazine explained that many companies who aren’t performing to their full potential online could benefit from looking at how to improve their website conversion rates.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or are looking to revamp your existing website, you should make sure you have a plan to share with your web designers in Surrey. This should be more than a wireframe of what pages you want on your site. It needs to explore your goals for your website.

This means working out what purpose your website serves in the context of your business, and what you want visitors to do once they reach your site.

The publication explained that by having a very clear understanding of the purpose of your website, things like the main page elements to focus on will naturally fall into place.

At any stage of the design and development process you should “always be asking yourself, “Where’s my main call to action? How easy is it to see? Is it clear? Is it consistent?,” the magazine recommended.

Another top tip is to make sure that any written content you include on your site has been written for people, rather than for search engines. Years ago, search engine optimisation (SEO) used to be about writing to ‘trick’ Google’s algorithms, but these have become so sophisticated that now you need to write for people, otherwise you’ll be penalised in search.

You should still carry out keyword research to help you understand what people are searching for and how you can take advantage of associated keywords to appear to a wider audience.

Calls to action are another area to focus on, and specifically the wording you use. Testing and thinking about the language you use is vital. “A simple word change could give a 10-15 per cent or more increase in conversions,” the magazine noted.

Earlier this month, Econsultancy shared some top tips from Nick Mottershead, who talked about the importance of personalisation when it comes to ecommerce conversions.

He suggested using something called recommendation engines on your site, which surface relevant products from across an online store to show consumers items they may not otherwise see.

It uses machine learning algorithms to present the most relevant content to users based on their browsing and purchasing history.

Even if this isn’t technology you can afford to invest in at this stage of your business, it’s worth bearing in mind the implications and uses – and revisiting it as an option further down the line if you feel that your online conversion rates could do with a boost.

That said, if you’ve never explored the purpose of your website in detail, or thought about how to make it as efficient and simple for consumers to use as possible, you’ll likely benefit from taking some of the simple steps outlined by Business Matters.

Chipotle Customers Left Disappointed After Halloween Website Crash

Chipotle Customers Left Disappointed After Halloween Website Crash

The importance of having reliable website designers in Kingston complete your business webpage has been highlighted after a major food retailer left its customers disappointed when it crashed while offering a Halloween deal.

On Wednesday (October 31st), Mexican food fans could get their hands on a meal deal from American restaurant Chipotle for $4 (£3.08) from 15:00 to closing time to celebrate the spooky holiday.

All they had to do is enter the promo code BOORITO on the app or website for the exclusive offer. However, after the deal went live, technical difficulties meant many were left unable to place their order.

Chipotle chief communications officer Laurie Schalow told Business Insider the website crash occurred due to such strong demand for the promotion.

She added that the teams “are working to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience” following the slow web responses.

However, this is not the first time the food chain, which has eateries through the UK as well as the US, Canada, France and Germany, has experienced website faults. In July, it launched an offer on National Guacamole Day, allowing customers ordering on its website or app to receive a free portion of the avocado dip.

While this was meant to help promote the famous brand, it only caused negative press, as dozens of orders were refused on the website and app. As a result, the restaurant extended the offer for another day, but it left a sour taste in many fans’ mouths.

Launching online deals is a great way to drum up interest in your brand, raise awareness and get more business. However, when you do promote an offer that cannot be missed, it is essential to make sure your website is fully functional, so all customers can get their hands on it.

Better Web Designs Needed To Boost Online Retail Sales

Better Web Designs Needed To Boost Online Retail Sales

Companies have been reminded of the importance of hiring the best web designers in Kingston to give their site a new lease of life, after online retail sales recorded the lowest figures since 2014.

For many years, businesses relied on the growing popularity of e-commerce to ensure their customers continued to purchase products from their websites. However, a drop in sales last month demonstrates they cannot take consumers for granted.

According to IMRG’s Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, UK online retail sales reported a growth of 7.5 per cent from September 2017 to September 2018. This is the lowest growth rate for September since 2014.

IMRG strategy and insight director Andy Mulcahy stated this could be the result of people having spent more money during the second quarter, due to the Royal Wedding, the World Cup and the heatwave. This meant they had less to spend in Q3.

DIY Week reported him as saying: “Shopper confidence appears to have fallen at a time when numerous retailers are putting out profit warnings and announcing store closures.”

Mr Mulcahy also suggested that many shoppers have become savvy when it comes to online purchasing, and could be waiting for further discounts to appear ahead of Black Friday in November.

Indeed, the gift category dropped by a substantial 23 per cent year-on-year in September, which is the most significant drop since 2010.

Last year saw an unprecedented number of people turn on their computers to shop on Black Friday. There was a huge 11.7 per cent increase in online sales between Black Friday 2016 and 2017, with £1.4 billion spent on the internet on November 24th last year, IMRG revealed.