Why SEO Goes Hand-In-Hand With Web Design

Why SEO Goes Hand-In-Hand With Web Design

When you start thinking about web design in Kingston, it can be easy to get embroiled in the customer journey, navigation, branding and overall design of your site.

All of these things are undoubtedly important, but you also need to make sure that you think about search engine optimisation (SEO) at the design stage.

An article for Business2Community recently explained why it’s so important to factor in an SEO plan when you’re designing your website, and not to leave it until the design work has been completed.

The main reason is because, with so much online content these days, you need to do everything you can to make sure your business is noticed.

So, how do you start implementing an SEO plan while designing your website? According to the news provider you should start by clearly defining the goal for your website. What do you want it to achieve? Answer this question and it will also make the design process easier.

For small businesses competing on a local level, the advice is not to be complacent simply because you have less competition for your target keywords. “Local SEO means adding local business listings on not only the most important sites like Yellow Pages but other directories that aren’t as well known,” the article suggests.

Of course, as well as making sure people can find your business you need to ensure that they then trust you when they come across your online presence.

Last month, we shared statistics from Blue Corona, which revealed that 48 per cent of people believe one of the most important factors in determining a business’ credibility is through its website design, which means it’s not something you should skimp on.

Many FTSE Boards Underestimate Cyber Attack Threat

Many FTSE Boards Underestimate Cyber Attack Threat

When designing your new website, it is essential to employ good web designers in Kingston who can help your pages remain protected against cyber threat, as well as look good.  

While this is perhaps one of the most important things to do when launching a website, the significance is lost on some of the country’s biggest companies.

According to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, many FTSE 350 boards underestimate the impact of a cyber attack on their business. While they may have incident plans, these are not tested as frequently as they should be, according to the latest FTSE 350 Cyber Governance Health Check 2018 report.

It found that only 16 per cent of boards have a full understanding the loss or disruption a cyber attack can cause. Furthermore, while nearly all (95 per cent) companies have a cyber security incident response plan, just over half check these regularly.

Margot James, digital minister, said: “More needs to be done by boards to make sure that they don’t fall victim to a cyber attack.”

She went on to say: “Cyber security should never be an add-on for businesses and I would urge all executives to work with the National Cyber Security Centre and take up the government’s advice and training that’s available.”

Every business, no matter how big or small, is vulnerable to an online attack, and the government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018 revealed 43 per cent of companies and 19 per cent of charities suffered a cyber security breach in the 12 months leading to April 2018.

Winner Of Sports Website Of The Year Award Announced

Winner Of Sports Website Of The Year Award Announced

Good businesses that spend a lot of time and money on their web pages all want to receive recognition for the hard work of their web designers, content writers, and app developers to create such ground-breaking websites.

That is why receiving an award such as the Sports Website Of The Year accolade is a huge deal for those that have invested heavily in their online presence and have built up a solid fan-base over the years.

This year, the coveted gong was given to MailOnline at the Sports Journalists’ Association (SJA) award ceremony.

Earlier this week, MailOnline pipped The Guardian to the prize with the rival newspaper having been given the title four years in a row until now.

The last time MailOnline was the recipient of the Sports Website Of The Year award was in 2013, and it beat off competition from ESPN, Sky Sports, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Times, as well as The Guardian for the achievement.

The winners of the SJA awards were announced on Monday February 25th at a ceremony in Westminster Bridge Park Plaza in London, while fans found out about the prize on the @SportSJA twitter page.

Daily Mail supporters will be also be happy to hear the national news provider was honoured with the Sports Newspaper Of The Year gong, having won this five out of the last six years. Incidentally, it lost out to The Guardian for the title in 2017.

Daniel Matthews, who writes for Sportsmail, focussing on boxing, was given the prestigious Young Writer Of The Year award at the event.

The judges were suitably impressed by the 25-year-old’s journalistic abilities, saying: “Daniel showed an appreciation and understanding of the sport of boxing and was prepared to tackle controversial issues. He also showed his versatility by reporting on football.”

The SJA British Sports Journalism Awards is sponsored by Cannon and the European Professional Club Rugby, and is so prestigious, it is now “widely regarded as the Oscars of the sporting journalism industry”.

While all the categories, which also include Broadcast Sports Presenter, Regional Journalist, Sports Columnist, and Radio Sport Factual Or Feature, are important, the website of the year title is increasingly significant as sports fans move away from traditional print newspapers to online articles.

Indeed, according to Ofcom’s News Consumption In The UK: 2018 report, between November/December 2017 and March/April 2018 64 per cent of UK adults acquired their news information from the internet, compared with 40 per cent who stay up to date with current affairs by reading newspapers.

While TV remains the most-used platform for news, with 79 per cent of Brits finding out about topics from their television set, this decreases among young people. For those aged between 16 and 24, 82 per cent use the internet for news, while just 57 per cent of adults in this age bracket get their information from TV.  Therefore, websites have never been so important in providing news, particularly to the younger generation.

For help to improve your online presence, get in touch with web designers in Kingston today.

Branding Trends For Startups To Watch

Branding Trends For Startups To Watch

When you’re starting a new business, one of the things you want to get right from the outset is your brand. As with all areas of marketing, there are trends that it’s worth keeping an eye on.

A recent article for Entrepreneur highlighted some of the top trends that start-ups should watch while developing their brand with the help of web designers in Surrey.

Illustration is at the top of the list, with the news provider pointing out that a growing number of businesses are using art as a way to engage with their audience. It’s about making a brand more personable and easier to connect with, the article explained.

The influence of millennials is another thing that no business should ignore. From a branding perspective, this means making sure that you’re measuring up to their moral standards and communicating that effectively.

According to the news provider, those in the millennial generation are much more politically aware than their parents, as well as being increasingly swayed by issues such as sustainability and discrimination.

The article summarised that “brands are putting effort into connecting with audiences in a meaningful way”, so this is where it’s best to focus your efforts.

Writing for Forbes recently, Pia Silva explained that many businesses get confused about what constitutes branding as opposed to marketing, but stressed that you should never look at either of these in a vacuum because they both feed into one another.

It’s essential to get your branding right and establish a solid foundation on which you can build your marketing efforts, she elaborated.

The Independent Group’s Website Breaks Immediately After Launching

The Independent Group’s Website Breaks Immediately After Launching

Since the launch of new political party The Independent Group earlier today, critics have been out in full force about the fraction team of former Labour MPs. However, perhaps more should have been said about its inability to use professional IT experts, such as web designers in Kingston, as its brand new website crashed just minutes after launching.

A few disgruntled politicians have left the Labour Party to create the newly formed Independent Group, a press conference revealed today (February 19th).

The former Labour MPs took this opportunity to announce the group’s new website, which was meant to show the public its political message, particularly its resentment over the poor handling of Brexit by the government.

However, no-one was able to see what the seven MPs – who include Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Gavin Shuker, Mike Gapes, Ann Coffey and Chuka Umunna – believe, as the site crashed almost instantly after going online.

Those who wanted to look at the webpage simply got 503 errors and a random website code, or experienced the site repeatedly failing on them.

The statement the public were meant to read on the site said: “Our primary duty as Members of Parliament is to put the best interests of our constituents and our country first.”

It went on to say: “Yet like so many others, we believe that none of today’s political parties are fit to provide the leadership and direction needed by our country.”

The fraction group, instead, believes in policies that are “evidence-based, not led by ideology”.

Repairs have been since made to the website, but it is so simple in its design that some experts have criticised it before it has had a chance to take off. According to PR Week, media pros have even gone so far as to say “the website looks like a GCSE project”.

Web Design Stats You Need To Know

Web Design Stats You Need To Know

If you’re planning to hire website designers in Surrey to revamp your online presence you need to make sure that not only do you brief them to create a site that represents your business, but that you’re also directing your efforts at the most important places on your site.

Crowd Learning Hub recently shared a number of website statistics that could help you better understand what you need to focus on when designing a website.

For instance, research by Blue Corona found that 38 per cent of people will stop engaging with a website if its content or layout is unattractive.

The same firm also found that almost half (48 per cent) of people believe that a website’s design is the most important factor in determining a business’s credibility. If that’s not an incentive to get professional help to revamp your website, we’re not sure what is.

But it’s not just the design itself you need to think about, it’s also how this will work on different devices. A survey by infront webworks found that 72 per cent of people want websites to be mobile friendly.

What’s more, comScore data shows that almost two out of every three minutes spent online now comes from mobile devices. Responsive websites are, therefore, an important area for businesses to get right.

Make sure you also consider some of the big web design trends for the year too. We recently highlighted some of the top things to watch, including the rise of interactive user experience, and the increasing use of customised graphics by businesses of all sizes.