Does Website Design Affect SEO?

Does Website Design Affect SEO?

Many things can separate a good website from a great website, such as web design. Finding a balance between striking aesthetics and the aspects of a site that affect search engine optimisation (SEO), such as page loading speeds, can be reached by adapting the website design of your choice to maximise the clicks to your website.

Whether your site is intended to be a creative portfolio or an online store for your wares, it is important to include keywords in the design itself, because keywords in articles help the SEO of the article, but keywords in the web design elevate the website’s ranking on different search engines.

Here are some tips to help with your SEO in your web design.


Use Keywords in web design

Keywords that are relevant to your niche in your website help boost the SEO of the entire site. But ensure that the keywords are thoroughly researched and their feasibility checked. Trending and popular keywords can provide a quick and easy boost to SEO rankings.


Choose the domain name carefully

Including a relevant keyword in your domain name can work wonders. For example, searching Google for the keyword ‘bike’ is more likely to bring up websites that have ‘bike’ in their domain name.


Find your balance of specificity

Using keywords that are only relevant in your particular niche will certainly help you in your particular area, but your site might rank lower than some websites of a slightly wider niche. Restricting yourself to only keyword-orientated content can be detrimental.


Do not obsess over images

Images on websites can pose a problem when it comes to page loading speeds, which is one of the factors that is used by Google to compile their website rankings. Images are certainly necessary for a website, but ensure they are optimised for the web. Avoid cluttering your site with flash plugins, large high-resolution photos, and animations that will slow down your site.

For any site to be a commercial success, the web design has to be carefully considered, so contact web designers in Surrey for the professional touch.

Web Design Mistakes Designers Must Avoid in 2020

Web Design Mistakes Designers Must Avoid in 2020

No matter how experienced a designer is, it’s always important to keep on top of the latest trends in web and user interface (UI) design, and the web design industry is so wide-ranging, that there are a lot of specific trends to learn, and many are dependant on the business of the client.

A company’s website has to be one of it’s greatest marketing tools, so in any highly competitive business, your web design can’t afford to make mistakes. Let’s have a look at the most common web design mistakes everyone should be aware of and to avoid in 2020


Poor Navigation

Designers can spend a lot of time deciding on the positioning of design elements, web pages, and other animations throughout a website. But while the end product might be an appealing website, it can sometimes result in an overly-complicated customer journey.

Having an attractive website to draw visitors in is great, but there’s little point if they cannot locate the services and links they are looking for. Always try to keep the navigation as simple as possible throughout a website.


Countless CTAs

The Call To Action (CTA) is a powerful tool to convert a visitor into a customer. But if your website has excessive CTAs, they will only irritate the visitor, who will then go looking for alternative websites.

Focus on just a few relevant CTAs to ensure a rich customer experience.


Non-Mobile-Friendly Websites

It’s very important to remember that in 2020, many more consumers are browsing the web via their smartphones or tablets. No matter how perfect it is on a desktop if your website is not configured to look as good on a smartphone, your customers struggle, and again, move onto the competition.

When considering your web design, to ensure your business continues to grow, make sure you avoid the above mistakes. If you need website designers in Kingston, get in touch today!

Have You Heard Of Sustainable Web Design?

Have You Heard Of Sustainable Web Design?

There is a new concept that’s gaining traction in the software and web design world: sustainable web or software design. This might sound like an odd concept initially, given that these are in a digital environment, but there are good reasons to focus on the sustainability of your website design.

Wired recently explored the concept with Dutch programmer Danny Van Kooten, who is the author of a popular WordPress plug-in that is used by approximately two million websites around the world.

Van Kooten has already given up meat and flying in a bid to lead a more sustainable life, and then he hit on the idea of making his code more sustainable.

Every time someone visits a website with his plug-in on it, it has to send part of the plug-in’s code to the visitor’s browser. This is where the sustainability of the code comes in. Sending code uses energy and therefore, if you can reduce the amount of code you need to send, you are therefore reducing energy use.

When van Kooten realised this, he set about slimming down the code for his plug-in. It now sends 20KB less data each time, which sounds like a small amount, but when you scale it up across the websites that use his plug-in, it suddenly has a much greater impact.

The news provider revealed that, according to van Kooten’s calculations, this change has cut the world’s CO2 output by 59,000 kilograms, which is the equivalent of flying from Amsterdam to New York and back 85 times.

It also pointed out that making small changes to our digital habits could really add up if everyone gets on board.

For example, if everyone in the UK sent one fewer ‘thank you’ email each day, it would reduce the country’s carbon emissions by 16 tons a year.

But there are other benefits to taking a sustainable approach to web design, as Tim Frick, founder of green web consultancy Mightybytes, told the publication.

He explained that reducing code also reduces page load time and we all know that consumers are typically very impatient when it comes to using online services and sites. Ad code is one particular culprit, Mr Frick noted.

He cited the example of the USA Today homepage, which cut 90 per cent of its data size after the EU introduced rules requiring US companies to remove some of the tracking code from their sites. This resulted in the homepage of that particular site loading 15 times faster too.

Whether you’re overhauling your existing website or starting from scratch to produce an online platform for a new business, these are certainly all points worth considering.

As Business 2 Community recently pointed out, it’s also essential that you consider user experience when you’re designing a website. This not only involves analysing the layout and making sure that the navigation is clear, but also considering the likes of page load times.

The news provider noted that you typically only have two seconds to get someone’s attention, so you need to ensure that your homepage has clear calls to action and isn’t overly cluttered or confusing for visitors.

Get in touch with us today for help with your web design in Surrey.

How To Show Your Business Is Trustworthy Online

How To Show Your Business Is Trustworthy Online

We all know that the internet has made it possible to buy from, well pretty much anywhere. But when we’re browsing online there are certain red flags that will put us off a particular business and there are likely to be other cues that show us a company is trustworthy if they’re new to us.

An article for News Anyway explained some of the top features that consumers look for to help them decide how trustworthy your business is.

An added bonus of working to make sure that your business not only is, but also looks, trustworthy is that many of the steps suggested by the news provider are likely to improve your Google search engine ranking.

Getting your web design right is at the top of the list. The majority of consumers form an opinion about your website – and therefore your business – in less than a second. That means your first impression needs to be on point.

In addition to having a professional design, work with web designers in Kingston to make sure that your site is as easy to navigate and accessible as possible.

On a more practical level, you need to have an SSL certificate for your website. This encrypts your users’ information, thereby protecting them from hackers while they’re using your site. Google has even made SSL certificates one of its top ranking factors, which means if you don’t have one you’ll be losing out to businesses that do.

If you’re not sure how your website performs in terms of its security, you could run one of a number of software testing tools to determine how secure your site is and what gaps you might need to fill. Business Matters Magazine recently shared a few of the most popular.

Running a test like this might show you why it’s so important to work with web developers, who will consider security while creating your site.

The Importance Of User Experience In Web Design?

The Importance Of User Experience In Web Design?

If your business has a physical store, shop, or any kind of customer-facing operation, you’ll be aware of maintaining a positive relationship with every customer that comes through your front door. It’s no different with your virtual shop and customer interaction.

If you want your website to be successful, you must incorporate User Experience principles and the latest website design trends into your site’s design. Check out the following insightful information to find out why.


Why is User Experience important?

User Experience is an essential part of any successful website’s design, but UX was a vital part of the professional design process long before the internet. Essentially, UX is about creating a positive relationship between a potential consumer and the product.


Why is User Experience so important in web design?

Quite simply, incorporating good UX design on a website makes users stay on that site and perform calls-to-action.

The website visitor is provided with a clean and smooth flow through the pages of the site or through a specific process, such as completing a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.


How to Incorporate UX Design Principles into Your Website

By identifying the various elements that make up good UX in webs design, you can understand the importance of User Experience and tailor your website accordingly. Make sure your site incorporates the following UX methods.


Your Website Must Be:

  • Useful – Users must be able to find everything they need on your website if you want them to convert into customers.
  • Usable – Your site must be easy to navigate.
  • Findable – If people can’t find it, your site will be useless. Make sure you incorporate Search Engine Optimisation tools into your website’s content.
  • Accessible – You need to ensure your site functions just as well on mobile devices as it does on PCs and laptops. And it should be accessible for people with disabilities.
  • Attractive – A simple and clean design with high-resolution images and appropriate and clear content will engage users more. And the more aesthetically pleasing your website is, the more likely users will spend time on it and perform calls-to-action.

If you’re looking for experienced web design and photography in Surrey, get in touch today!

Logo Design Trends To Watch

Logo Design Trends To Watch

Whether you’re launching a new business or are planning to rebrand your existing company, one aspect of graphic design is essential: your logo.

There are always trends in logo design and 2020 is no different, as Bill Gardner recently pointed out in an article for The Fast Company. He picked out some of the top trends that he’s noticed in logo design in recent months, predicting which ones will continue to be used by brands as we move through the rest of 2020.

Mr Gardner suggested that there are two trends that have taken cues from the 1970s – the emergence of “big fat fonts” and “ultra-minimalist vector images”. He said that the former is likely a response to the “minimalist, sans serif aesthetic we’ve gotten used to the last five or six years”.

The ultra-minimalist images, meanwhile, are likely to have originated from a “desire to return to clarity and simplicity”.

He also highlighted the growing use of small animated movements in certain logos, such as the wink of an eye, which he described as “subtle and clever”.

Another trend that he expects to increase in the coming years is the use of the likes of flowers and leaves to indicate natural or organic products.

Of course, following the trends isn’t the only factor you need to consider when you’re designing a new logo. You need it to be representative of your business and what you provide so that it can give your business the longevity it needs.

Working with web designers in Kingston can help you to find the right logo fit for your business and ensure that you don’t just make do with a design that won’t stand the test of time.

An article for Business2Community recently highlighted the benefits of working with a professional graphic designer, rather than trying to muddle through on your own. It pointed out that using a graphic designer can help you to develop a strong visual brand identity, not to mention saving you time and money in the long run.