Web Design Elements You Must Get Right First Time

Web Design Elements You Must Get Right First Time

First impressions are key in nearly every facet of the business world, but for web design, it is the difference between success and failure. Ensuring your page is unique, high quality and technically sound is essential to ensure people stay on your site for more than a few seconds.

If you are struggling with conversions, search ranking or with view time, here are some web design elements that need to stand out the first time a visitor clicks onto your website.



Thanks to the increased access to easy to use content management systems, making a professional-looking website is not as complicated as it has been in the past.

However, because of this, making your website stand out is more important than ever, and needs to catch your viewers immediately.

Eye-catching imagery, video content, colour scheme and branding is key to making an impact and much like any other marketing materials must fit your brand.



Users need to easily access the information, content and systems they require or they will quickly find another site that will provide it.

This starts with how long your page takes to load. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is very useful for this, as it will highlight not only the average load times for both mobile and desktop users but also ways in which you can improve this speed.

As well as this, your website needs a useful search function, as well as an easy to navigate menu system which requires as few clicks as possible for potential customers to get the information they need.



Your messaging and information is key, and your website must provide easy to understand, quick to read and essential information that complements your brand.

Once they are onto your page thanks to the two elements above, your content needs to deliver your message, your brand and your goal in a way that will convert them from a viewer to a customer.

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3 Important Web Design Trends For 2021

3 Important Web Design Trends For 2021

The field of website design is constantly evolving, and it is the role of a web designer to sift through all the latest trends and fads to predict which ones are grounded in sound website design, and which are passing fads that will quickly become dated and fade away.

If you’re developing your website design strategy, then it’s important to know which trends are the ones to say attention to. We have three of the more important trends to take notice of in 2021.


  1. Minimalism

Minimalism will become a dominant trend across all aspects of design, from logo design, product design, and packaging design, and minimalist website design is bound to follow.

In web design, minimalism involves using only essential elements – simple text and typefaces, plenty of space, monochrome or duo-chrome colour palettes, and simple graphics. The minimalistic design will draw the viewer’s attention, and also leaves them wanting more, which will lead them into exploring your website further.


  1. Interactive landing pages

Your landing page can play a major role in whether a visitor is merely a passerby, or will become a customer. To be effective, your landing page needs to be captivating and unique. You can add interactive elements, such as an attractive, creative, and interactive questionnaire, to draw the visitor in.


  1. Dark mode

Dark mode is now seen on many popular websites and apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Rather than dark text and images on a light background, dark mode features light text and images on a dark background.

But, it’s not as simple as just inverting the colours. Instead, dark mode turns text lighter, the background darker, and keeps accent colours relatively the same (just darker). Think dark colour schemes all around.

With dark mode, individual designs and elements really stand out.

Web design trends are only as important as their ability to represent your brand authentically. People can see past meaningless trends. Make sure you make web design choices that support a good user experience and your brand.

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Classic Web Design Errors To Avoid

Classic Web Design Errors To Avoid

Most firms have a website, but many of them are designed by the company themselves and in the absence of specialist skills, the results can often be far from impressive.

Many websites are blighted by basic errors, some of which are extremely common. This can have serious consequences, because for many potential customers your website is one of the first ways they encounter your firm. What is said about first impressions when you meet somebody also applies to websites.

The following are among the most common errors, something that could be avoided by using the skills of experienced web designers in Surrey.

Image Errors

Having too many images makes a web page look cluttered, but you should also pay attention to picture quality. This is especially the case if you are including a picture of yourself or other staff at your firm, as poor or inappropriate pictures will convey a negative impression.

Poor Readability

The key to web design is it should be easy to read and navigate. People visit to get information and potentially become your customers. They don’t need garish colours, a lack of flow from one section to another or text published in a hue too pale to read.

Not Being Mobile Friendly

Over the last few years the proportion of web searches being made from mobiles has grown exponentially and now outnumbers those made from PCs, laptops and other devices.

Despite this, many websites are still not mobile-friendly, making them hard for phone users to read, navigate and move between pages. This can put you at a disadvantage with more than half your potential customers, so it is essential that your site is geared up for access from any kind of device.

The Wrong Codes And Formats

The really technical stuff is where the inexperienced inevitably fall down. Using non-validated code or out-of-date HTML are just a couple of the ways you can easily get it wrong without evening knowing why.

The above list is just a few of the ways a beginner can make critical mistakes with a website. Many of your competitors will drop these clangers, so if you can bring in the professionals to create a great website that looks good, is user friendly and gives a good impression, you will have a crucial advantage.

Should You Design With Print In Mind?

Should You Design With Print In Mind?

Designing for the web and designing for print are two completely different mediums which require different tools, design principles and ideas. However, there are core principles and design philosophies that do translate and can make for amazing websites.

In the past, we have seen the issues of websites that have been designed with antiquated design principles in mind. Older web users may be aware of early website design principles such as the guestbook that were based on older traditions but did not translate well online.

However, there are certain design principles inspired by print media that translate exceptionally well online. Here are some top tips for designing a website using print media principles.


Font Choice Is Critical

Print media is designed to be easily read, as often newspapers, books and printed adverts are displayed in less than optimal reading conditions. As a result, choosing a readable typeface is essential to ensuring a comfortable reading experience.

This philosophy is also important in designing clear websites, particularly for mobile devices. As a result, the core principles that should guide the choice of print typeface should be considered when designing your website.


Readability First

Print media survives and thrives on its readability. Magazines and newspapers needed to fill an entire page with content, which often led to creative uses of space and clear layouts.

Ultimately, what is important to focus on is how your reader is likely to engage with a website and flow from section to section. Use newspaper and magazine layouts as inspiration for creative ways to accomplish this.

The primary goal with web design for a Surrey business is to guide your prospective customers to the information they need to know about you, and taking advantage of tried and true design principles will help them find you.

5 Basic Web Design Features Business Owners Should Know

5 Basic Web Design Features Business Owners Should Know

Your website is essential for the growth of your business, and choosing the right web designer is as important as choosing the right business partner for any other aspect of your business.

Business owners should have their focus on the day-to-day operations of their enterprise, and will barely have time to concern themselves with the essence of good web design, the latest trends, and conversion rates.

This is why businesses are hiring the best web designers in Kingston. Whether your organisation is large or small, working with these specialists will give you an edge when it comes to presenting your brand online.

But what are the basics of effective web design that you should be aware of? When meeting with your web designers, the following five points should be the foundation of your discussions.


Visual Design and Branding

Your website needs to tell a story about your brand and your business, leaving visitors with a positive experience. The website needs to showcase what is important to a specific clientele.


Web-Friendly Navigation

Visitors to your website should be able to access your website from all major browsers, including mobile devices, and SEO, search engine optimisation, is an important factor for improving your company’s rankings. Your website developer will be able to explain conversion rates and SEO if you need to be more informed about it.


Webpage Menu and Operating Speed

A slow website with complicated menus will frustrate visitors and ultimately lose potential business. A fast website with easy to use menus is an exceptionally valuable tool for any business.


Superior Web Content

It will be the task of your design team to make sure your website features high-quality content that matches your expectations, as well as that of your employees, business partners, and clients.


Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design (RWD) is a feature that allows browsers to access your website from their mobile devices. This function is a necessity, as more than half of web searches are done on mobile phones, iPads or tablets.


Industry Standing

A web design team with professional status in the industry and with whom you will cultivate a long and lasting relationship will be most beneficial to your company.

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Web Design Trends To Watch In 2021

Web Design Trends To Watch In 2021

It’s (almost) a new year and that might mean it’s time for a new website? Or at the very least an assessment and overhaul of your existing site.

Either way, it’s always worth checking in on some of the top trends in web design, and Creative Boom recently compiled a handy list, based on a report by Editor X, that could help focus your discussions with your web designers in Surrey.

At the top of the list of trends to watch is the rise of immersive experiences that are replacing in-real-life interactions.

Partner and creative director of Hyperakt Deroy Peraza told the publication: “This unexpectedly digital-first year has been a defining moment for websites as platforms to create immersive digital ‘worlds’ that show unique points of view.”

We all know that user interfaces (UI) are a particularly important aspect of web design but in 2021 and beyond we should expect the UI of sites to become more fully customisable. The Editor X report expects designers to create “modular and modifiable assets and interfaces that consider different types of users and how various UI options could benefit them”.

Another trend that will certainly be embraced by designers is that of positivity. After 2020, it will be time for the world of web design to inject some softer, happier and funnier visuals, with healthcare and emotional wellness being key considerations.

Within the world of business websites, an article for Business2Community recently suggested that areas to watch in 2021 include the increase in popularity of web chats as well as the need to ensure that your site is optimised for voice search, which is increasingly being embraced by users.