NBA 2K League Launches New Logo

NBA 2K League Launches New Logo

Sports fans will have noticed the unveiling of the new logo of the NBA 2K League team earlier this week.

When a huge organisation such as the NBA decides to change the branding of its popular video game, a lot of thought and consideration goes into such a big decision. After all, it won’t want to upset its legions of fans by altering the video game series’ logo to something they are unhappy with.

While the old image was one of a basketball player, the new one simply features a design of a basketball. However, it continues to use the red, white and blue that is reminiscent of the NBA’s traditional branding.

Designer Rodney Richardson said the change in the design from a player to a basketball was because the video game is not “defined by sex, it’s not male or female”.

“This league is open to any gamer that has the ability to go out there and earn their spot,” he stated in a video to explain the thought process behind the new design.

NBA 2K is not the only sports brand that has undergone a change recently, as Formula 1 unveiled a new logo after the final race of the 2017 season.

New owners Liberty Media told Sky F1 that it wanted to create a “fresh energy for the sport” and take it to a “new place”.

Altering branding, especially for huge companies like F1 and NBA, is no easy decision, so it is important to get the right logo that supporters will love. That is why it is essential to hire professionals who can take your new design to the next level.

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Does 2018 Mean A Rebrand for Your Business?

Does 2018 Mean A Rebrand for Your Business?

The New Year is a great opportunity to take the bull by the horns and take the rebrand plunge if that is something that has been playing on your mind as a business owner in recent months.

USA Today has identified some of the top companies to benefit from a dramatic rebrand, and your organisation could get a new lease of life too with a little assistance, starting with finding web designers in Surrey with fresh ideas.

BlackBerry was Research in Motion before it adopted its iconic new name, that of its most storied product of 2013, when it held court over half the world’s smartphone market before falling out of favour. So maybe we’ll see another rebrand for this E&E giant soon?

KFC switched from Kentucky Fried Chicken to its well known acronym moniker in 1991 as the world became more health-conscious and the fast food chain wanted to downplay the ‘fried’ element of its operations.

Coach, the designer of leather handbags and other accessories changed its name to Tapestry in October 2017 to embrace the other luxury brands under its umbrella. Coach bought Kate Spade New York this year, as well as Stuart Weitzman the accessory retailer.

Formula 1 has also been given a rebrand recently.

Speaking to Sky F1, F1 chairman Chase Carey said the new logo design reflects the ambitions of Liberty Media, its new owners, and their wish to move away from the ‘flying one’ design.

Carey said the new logo is fresh and gives the sport a new energy.

Master These 3 SEO Basics To Attract Customers

Master These 3 SEO Basics To Attract Customers

If your Surrey business is all set up and ready for success, yet your customer flow is somewhat lacking, your web presence might be to blame.

Having a website is now essential; digital information can help consumers find and engage with your business, or at the very least, provide the necessary information they need in order to know that your company is genuine.

Not all websites are created equal, however. Along with responsive design, search engine optimisation – or SEO for short – is integral to achieving your online goals, and there are some basic elements you should cover to ensure you have a fighting chance at bringing in those customers.

  1. Use relevant keywords – This essentially means thinking about the words your audience will use when they search for your business and weaving these into the wording on your site. A flower shop in Kingston would use ‘Kingston florist’, for example.
  1. Optimise meta information – Ensuring the title tags and meta descriptions on your website provide key information about your company is essential. Search engines use this information when deciding which websites to return in search results.
  1. Create content – Regularly updating a blog or news page keeps the content on your website fresh and provides more opportunities for visitors to find your business, read your content and become a customer.

By following these three basic SEO top tips, you stand to boost your business’ visibility and reach over time. If you’re looking for professional website designers in Surrey, contact us today – we have the expertise to work wonders for your SEO.