The online environment is vital for all kinds of organisations and with consumers increasingly expecting seamless journeys through online content, it’s more important than ever to consider your website’s design.

Charity Unicef did just that in a huge project that covered everything from audience research and content strategy to web design and a new website build. Speaking to The Drum recently, Tom Chapman, strategy director at Manifesto, the digital agency behind the project, explained just how much they changed for Unicef.

He said that there were a number of problems with the old Unicef website – it wasn’t responsive, there was no clarity in terms of content creation, and there were separate blog and mobile sites, which made navigation confusing for users.

After extensive work across the whole site, Unicef launched its new website in November 2016. Since that time, cash donations have increased by 55 per cent per visitor, Mr Chapman revealed.

He added that, based on the six months of data they have so far, “long-term Unicef is estimating a minimum 50-60 per cent uplift in base-level conversion”.

Given that the majority of website conversion rates sit at around two to four per cent, according to an article for Forbes by Jonathan Mark of BFM, that’s an incredibly impressive statistic.

Even if you’re not aiming for such an impressive change as the one Unicef realised, it could still be time to get in touch with website designers in Surrey to overhaul your online presence.

The main goal for most businesses, according to Mr Mark, should be to turn users into repeat visitors to your site, as this means they’re more likely to move further down the conversion funnel in the future.