Microsoft ‘Kills Off’ Paint After 32 Years

Microsoft ‘Kills Off’ Paint After 32 Years

We’ve met many clients that have turned to the best web design Kingston has to offer after a brief dalliance with DIY design – and there’s no bigger offender in producing low quality logos and the like than good old Microsoft Paint.

However, after an incredible 32-year run Microsoft have announced that the next update will the demise of one of the world’s most iconic computer programmes, meaning we’ll be waving goodbye to the lo-fi design staple in the autumn as a standard programme on the desktop. However, after an outpouring of grief from a Paint-nostalgic world as the cull of Microsoft programmes was announced, it will still live in the Windows Store, according to The Guardian.

However, it’s a unholy end for a programme which debuted with the first ever version of Windows in 1985 and something that many graphic designers of a certain age will have used in the early days of the industry, let alone the billions of school kids of which mucking about in Paint made up the core of their IT curriculum

In an update released in April, you may have come across something called Paint 3D – something that seemed like an evolution of Paint, rather than a replacement, as it largely gives you the opportunity to design in 3D models.

This may be a signal of where the design market is heading, however, for all of us with fond memories of our first dalliances with the design world, Paint is surely to be missed. RIP Paint, 1985 – 2017.

4 Web Design Trends For 2017

4 Web Design Trends For 2017

Getting web designers in Kingston in to revamp your site is no small decision – but it’s certainly a necessary one and one that you’ll have to make from time to time to ensure that your website stays competitive and up to date.

These days, internet users are a very discerning bunch so if you don’t have a contemporary site with all the bells and whistles they’ve come to expect as standard, don’t be surprised if they take their custom elsewhere. Here are a few web design trends coming to the fore this year that might be appropriate for you and your brand.

Neutral palettes

Colour will always have a big part to play in successful web design but you need to pick the tones that are right for the kind of industry you’re in. This year, muted and neutral colour palettes are in, so perhaps steer clear of brighter and bolder shades for the foreseeable future.

Mega navigations

These are big navigation menus that take over the screen to help web users find where they are on your site and where they want to go. It can really help boost user experience and drive conversions, while also featuring content, advertising and other subpages. Very useful!

Bold type

You want your copy to stand out online and increasing numbers of websites these days are featuring big, bold type to really help the words on the page jump out.


It’s easy for designers nowadays to build engaging animations thanks to all the visual tools they have at their disposal… so make sure you ask about this if it’s something you’d like to see on your own site.

Is Your Website Responsive? Here’s Why This Is So Essential

Is Your Website Responsive? Here’s Why This Is So Essential

Overhauling your website is something that businesses will have to do from time to time in order to keep up with changes in design and technology. This is a fact of life! And if you’ve been looking into website design in Surrey at the moment, you’ve probably come across the term ‘responsiveness’ before. But what exactly is this and just why is it so important? Here are a few reasons to make this a priority when having your site redesigned.

Not just mobile friendly

Mobile friendly sites look good on mobiles. They do exactly what they say on the tin. But a responsive website is this and so much more – this kind of design means your site can adapt to any size of screen it’s being viewed on. Visitors to your site won’t notice any difference in the appearance of your web pages, whatever device they’re using.

Lower maintenance costs

A responsive website can result in lower maintenance costs because you’re not running two versions of the same site – although bear in mind that it can be more expensive to roll out at the beginning. Set-up time, however, will be reduced.

Better user experience

If your site is responsive, users won’t see it distorted on mobiles and tablets – which means that they’re far more likely to come back and visit it again.

Better SEO

The internet is a very competitive place these days and as a business owner, you’ll need to be at the top of the search engines for a range of search terms related to your industry. Search engines preferentially index responsive web design because it’s better for user experience and will mean people are on your site for longer – so it could have a real impact on your bottom line once you get to the top of the rankings.

Top Qualities That a Print Design Service Provider Must Possess

Top Qualities That a Print Design Service Provider Must Possess

Print materials, getting a logo designed, etc. are some of the common print related works that all the businesses have. It is possible to manage all this on your own when it is to be done on a smaller scale but when you are a bigger brand, it is advisable that you outsource this work to a company that provides services of print design in Surrey. There are a few qualities that you should chew upon when looking for such a company and some of them are discussed below:


One should always be open to new ideas and designs as that will add a lot of uniqueness to your prints. However, what needs to be remembered here is that you do experimentation only to a level where everything looks professionally apt as per your business. For instance, if you are a financial organisation, there is no point going for prints that involve arts or flowers as it would look illogical. Discuss this aspect clearly with the company you are going to choose.

Using The Color Systems

It is not necessary to always go with the basic color options as there are many subtle options available across the color systems. Look for a company that knows how this is to be done. It is often seen that something looks good on the computer screen but doesn’t come out the same on paper. So ask for a few samples before placing an entire order.

Design Team

Although everything has to come down printed either on a paper or some other material, one should still look for a company that can offer you a good design team capable of understanding your brief clearly and thus offering you some great ideas accordingly. Moreover, the logo designs should specially be responsive so that no matter where you print it, it looks similar and perfect.

How to Uplift the Design Game of Your Website

How to Uplift the Design Game of Your Website

A website’s design is the most important thing to focus on and people try to constantly make changes to their website to stay up to date with the latest trends. This aspect has a major impact on the business of the website as well. So if you feel that your website is missing out on business and you need to do something about it, try to uplift the game of web design in Surrey. This blog discusses some simple points that can help you in improving the overall design of your website.


One simple point that you as a website owner should know is that your website should look presentable all the time. However what you shouldn’t do in this process is to ruin the usability of the website just to improve the way it looks. Make sure you choose a web design in Twickenham that makes a balance between the appearance and the usability.

Sorting It Out

Do not place various pages only for the sake of it. One should remember that a website would be user friendly only when everything on board is well organized. Putting up a site map or a navigation guide and search panel to make it easier for the visitors is very important.

Adding Something Unique

There would be hundreds of websites going with the same thing that you do and therefore there should be at least something on your website that makes it unique and adds the required spark to your website. Be it the usage of photos, GIFs, animated videos, or anything that you feel will be suitable, should be added to give your website an edge over the others.


You would have the web pages designed in the best way but nothing would look convincing until everything is assembled in a correct manner. Your aim should be simple- to make a website where the visitors spend some time rather than running away.

Website for Kingston upon Thames based artist Ruth Blackford

Website for Kingston upon Thames based artist Ruth Blackford

Tigerpink were delighted to design and build a website for Kingston upon Thames artist Ruth Blackford. Ruth is a very talented artist and illustrator. Ruth keeps her website updated with new work and blog posts. The website is responsive for mobile phones and tablets and uses a nifty WordPress plugin to display Ruth’s portfolio.

We are based in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey and specialise in creative design for web and print.

Ruth Blackford Artist