Professional Web Design ‘Adds Credibility’

Professional Web Design ‘Adds Credibility’

Considering looking at the expertise of professional web design in Kingston for your website? Well if you were still on the fence about bringing in a digital expert then the proof is in: bespoke business web design adds credibility to your brand.

Business Computing World writer Karen Evans says to treat your website like a business shop front – it’s what customers see first of all when they find you online.

The entrepreneur behind StartBloggingOnline stated that if 85 per cent of consumers are using the internet to find a product or local business, an impressive website is essential, because it could be the website that engenders trust and confidence in the product or service.

In addition, customer reviews and testimonials on a business website go a long way to help persuade a prospective customer. The desire for a client or buyer to feel they can rely on the services offered by a digital business can be a more powerful tool to a company even than price point.

Another reason to put your website in the hands of the professionals is to prevent slow sites, which could be punished by a new Facebook algorithm which aims to reduce the number of links it shows to slow sites.

A professional web designer will be able to tackle slow websites by identifying big, flashy graphics or over-large files that hinder the responsiveness of a site. Feel free to get in touch with the Tiger Pink team and we’ll answer any queries you may have about making your homepage look ‘the business’.

Website Design Trends For Autumn 2017

Website Design Trends For Autumn 2017

A great website one year can begin to look tired and old-fashioned the next, which is why it is good to stay on-trend and shake up your business website with a new look once in a while.

Business Computing World reports that the autumn/winter 2017 trends for web design begins with excellent layout features such as grid systems for sharp lines, safe-for-web fonts and uncluttered web graphics.

“One of the golden rules in any good web design is how crisp and sharp the design is,” said article author and digital designer Richard Kearsey. “Have you taken into consideration alignment, relevant images and colouring, manually clean up of extra line, shape, and boxes, appropriate grids to make the content look simpler and easy to read and understand?”

He added that experimenting with horizontal and vertical text is very fashionable in the online world at present, as freeing copy from its usual alignment adds a new dimension to a webpage.

Another interesting feature to include in a revamped website that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of conversational interfaces and AI-powered bots, adding a conversational element to a website, especially if it is a very customer-focused business.

“Conversational interfaces and AI-powered bots are going to dominate the web design services, empowering businesses to automate communication and sales in the long run,” Kearsey said.

Another trend web designers are pushing is responsive web design, which improves the user’s experience and means visitors are likely to stay on the website for longer, improving analytics and advertising click-through results.

For expert advice with website design in Surrey, get in touch with us today!

Nostalgia Marketing In Web Design: Our Top Tips!

Nostalgia Marketing In Web Design: Our Top Tips!

Who doesn’t like to look at the past through rose-tinted spectacles every now and again? Being able to tap into people’s emotions is an important part of a successful ad strategy and using nostalgia marketing – as it has been dubbed – is a great campaign idea if you want to change it up a bit this year.

When it comes to web design, it actually couldn’t be simpler to tap into these feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality – as long as you keep it in line with your overall branding and goods and services. It also needs to strike a chord with your particular audience, so do make sure the design of your site is relevant and appropriate for them.

Look out for design elements like vintage typography and colour themes. Browns and beiges are often used in vintage design but it’s also worth bearing in mind that for interior design and fashion alike, the 1970s have been big news for quite some time. Tap into this with ease by using muted shades of reds, browns, oranges and yellows.

And with films like Blade Runner (with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford taking centre stage) coming out soon and the recent hit Netflix original show Stranger Things really currying favour, anything with an 80s aesthetic will likely do well at the moment as well.

It’s important, however, that you hit the nostalgia trend head on without making your website look dated. So make sure there are contemporary elements in there as well – which Kingston web designers Tiger Pink can certainly help you with. Give us a call today!

How Can Responsive Web Design Help Your Business?

How Can Responsive Web Design Help Your Business?

Responsive web design is one of those phrases that gets used a lot nowadays, but just how important is it in terms of the performance of your website?

As you may suspect, there are a number of ways in which it can help your organisation – and it’s not all about your ranking in search engines, although this certainly is helped by having a responsive site.

But a site simply being responsive isn’t always enough. Search Engine Journal recently highlighted a number of ways in which thinking about responsive design for your site can improve the performance of your website in search engine results pages.

Top of the list is through improved usability. Google looks at time on page as an indication of a site’s value to any given search query, the article noted.

That means the longer you can get visitors to stay on your website, the better it can rank in the search engine’s results. Having a responsive site improves the user experience and therefore means people are likely to stay on your site for longer.

Earlier this month, an article on Bdaily talked about how responsive web design isn’t about just designing for the smaller screen of a mobile though. It stressed that a good site design needs to be adaptable to devices of all shapes and sizes, from the sleekest smartphone to a large desktop screen and everything in between.

Getting experts to help with your website design in Surrey is therefore a good idea to make sure that all of the variables of designing for different sized screens are considered when you’re

Unicef See Conversions Double With New Website

Unicef See Conversions Double With New Website

The online environment is vital for all kinds of organisations and with consumers increasingly expecting seamless journeys through online content, it’s more important than ever to consider your website’s design.

Charity Unicef did just that in a huge project that covered everything from audience research and content strategy to web design and a new website build. Speaking to The Drum recently, Tom Chapman, strategy director at Manifesto, the digital agency behind the project, explained just how much they changed for Unicef.

He said that there were a number of problems with the old Unicef website – it wasn’t responsive, there was no clarity in terms of content creation, and there were separate blog and mobile sites, which made navigation confusing for users.

After extensive work across the whole site, Unicef launched its new website in November 2016. Since that time, cash donations have increased by 55 per cent per visitor, Mr Chapman revealed.

He added that, based on the six months of data they have so far, “long-term Unicef is estimating a minimum 50-60 per cent uplift in base-level conversion”.

Given that the majority of website conversion rates sit at around two to four per cent, according to an article for Forbes by Jonathan Mark of BFM, that’s an incredibly impressive statistic.

Even if you’re not aiming for such an impressive change as the one Unicef realised, it could still be time to get in touch with website designers in Surrey to overhaul your online presence.

The main goal for most businesses, according to Mr Mark, should be to turn users into repeat visitors to your site, as this means they’re more likely to move further down the conversion funnel in the future.

Facebook Will Downgrade Slow Sites

Facebook Will Downgrade Slow Sites

Once you have the best web design Surrey has to offer, make sure you do a site speed check on your website to ensure it is performing optimally.

Slow sites put off people who find the site doesn’t load on time and can also mean you are ranked lower by Google. Have you ever had a GoogleAd declined for no apparent reason? It may be that the site bots found your website too slow and turned you down for this reason, which can have costly consequences when your ads don’t show up.

There is now yet another reason why you will want to check your site speed: Facebook. The social media giant reportedly changed its algorithm recently to reduce the number of links it shows to slow sites.

This means that if you have a Facebook page where you promote your business then a slow response time will cause it to appear less frequently in your target audience feeds than a website with a faster speed.

There are a number of reason why you may have a slow site speed, but one of the reasons we can help you with is overly large website files. Big flashy graphics and lots of them will slow down the rate at which people can open your pages which may put them off. Have a word with us if you are experiencing difficulties, and we can point you in the right direction in no time.