Meet The Apple Intern Who Created The First Emojis

Meet The Apple Intern Who Created The First Emojis

When you’re looking to create a memorable logo during your time with the best website designers Kingston has to offer, your true goal is to work to create a logo which becomes iconic for your brand. Graphic design really does have the power to become an important part of how we communicate, and no example of this is greater than that of the emoji.

Now, that word might drudge up with it negative connotations, given the late efforts to cash in with what may be the worst movie of all time, emojis are an incredible phenomenon. Described as the fastest growing language in the world back in 2015, they break boundaries of language and still retain different meanings for symbols within different communities.

Less is known, however, about their creation, until now. Angela Guzman, who was an intern at Apple back in 2008, was part of the tiny team who created the first emoji set, and is now telling the story of how her and mentor ‘Raymond’ worked on this then brand new feature.

The designer told The Medium how working on these little characters transformed her life: “In the course of three months, together we created some of the most widely used emoji: face with tears of joy, pile of poo, red heart, and party popper, plus around 460 additional ones,” she said.

She also revealed some secrets of the designs, such as the swirl of the poop emoji being duplicated for the ice cream cone. You can read her full account here.

Do You Need Video On Your Website?

Do You Need Video On Your Website?

If you are hiring a video designer you need to consider the functionality that you will need in the future.

Video is often overlooked by businesses when they are planning their next website design, but it is becoming increasingly crucial.

Internet video traffic is expected to make up 80 per cent of consumer internet traffic in four years time according to Forbes, and this means that if you are selling anything via your website you cannot afford to miss out.

Last year Facebook coined the phrase ‘video first’ to describe the trend, largely enabled by its Facebook Live functionality, to make live video broadcasting available to the masses. This has meant that organisations are broadcasting events as they happen, rather than relying on write ups after the event.

This has facilitated the growth of increasingly engaged communities, supporters and fan bases, who are now able to engage more intimately with the brands they are the most interested in.

Businesses who sell online can clearly benefit from engaging with this trend, but it can also be helpful for other organisations. How about offering instructional videos if you provide services and advice? If you run events then nothing sells that to a more targeted audience then a well-executed video of everything you have done so far.

Remember, your clients may need to sell products themselves, so if you can demonstrate you can assist them with that with clearly presented online video, your pitch is half-way done.

If you want to talk to us about the functionality of your next website design, then get in touch and we can see how we will help you.

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Good Web Design Becomes Priority After Broadband Investment

Good Web Design Becomes Priority After Broadband Investment

Having excellent website designers on board to help create high-quality and professional-looking web pages is going to be even more important in the future, after it was revealed the Scottish government is to invest £600 million in superfast broadband.

The intention is to enable every home and business to have access to efficient and reliable internet connection by 2021.

Fergus Ewing, rural economy and connectivity secretary, noted this investment is the biggest public spend for a broadband project and is aimed at making “Scotland a world-class digital nation”.

“Fast and reliable internet connection is vital for the economic and social wellbeing of all communities,” he stated, adding that it will make areas of rural Scotland as well connected as anywhere else in Europe.

The Reaching 100% (R100) programme was announced as part of the 2018-19 draft budget earlier this week and will be delivered over the next four financial years until March 2022.

While its current Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband project is set to achieve 95 per cent fibre broadband coverage before the new year begins, this programme will spread internet connection to more isolated places.

That is why businesses all over the UK should prioritise improving their websites, as more people are going to have access to them in the future.

This is especially the case for e-commerce companies that rely on fast broadband to enable consumers to purchase their products safely and securely.

According to Practical Ecommerce, firms that do sell on their websites should invest in full-screen search forms to enable users to look for the products they are interested in. They should also add video content and consider asking customers questions to help direct them to particular products on the site.

Top SEO Trends To Watch Next Year

Top SEO Trends To Watch Next Year

Technology is always evolving and that’s certainly no different in the realm of web design. There are a number of big trends to watch out for in 2018 and, if the experts interviewed recently by Econsultancy are to be believed, jumping on these trends early could put you ahead of the curve.

In an article looking specifically at SEO trends for the coming 12 months, the website spoke to a number of experts in the field. One of the things to be aware of when you’re hiring web designers in Surrey is the continued need to focus on organic search results.

That’s according to Will Critchlow, founder and CEO of Distilled, who told the news provider that there’s a perception that it’s getting harder to get organic traffic from Google. However, he pointed to data showing that just three to four per cent of all searches lead to a user clicking on an ad.

“I predict that we will see some brands pull back from organic search investments as a result, and that it will hurt them in the long run,” he asserted.

Another trend that brands need to be prepared for is the growing voice market. One expert, Mike Jeffs, commercial director at Branded3, explained that at the moment there’s not a great deal of data on voice searches, which is why he expects to see greater measurement of conversational UX and voice search in the coming year.

A continued focus on data and privacy, as well as a shift towards a faster, mobile-friendly web were other trends cited by the website.

Last month, Practical Ecommerce highlighted a number of trends specific to ecommerce sites, such as the rise of video content and an increased focus on microinteractions.

What Do You Think Of The New F1 Logo?

What Do You Think Of The New F1 Logo?

When you’re redesigning an established logo, you’re always going to be taking a bit of a gamble in terms of how it will be received by the public. That’s especially the case when it’s for a huge, global brand like Formula 1.

So, it’s not much of a surprise that some fans weren’t overly enthused by the new logo design unveiled following the final race of the 2017 season in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking to Sky F1 after showing off the new design, Chase Carey, F1 chairman, explained why new owners Liberty Media had decided to move away from the iconic ‘flying one’ design.

“What we wanted to do was provide a fresh energy for the sport,” he stated, adding that the organisation felt the new logo was “a good way to emphasise the excitement, fresh energy and a new day to take the sport to a new place”.

However, BBC Newsbeat highlighted some of the reactions to the new logo, with fans unhappy about the change to the design that’s stood the test of time since 1987.

One person described the new logo as “a soulless doodle”, while another fan called it a “cold-calculated roadway symbol”.

If there’s one thing every designer knows it’s that you can’t please everyone, but whether this new logo will stand the test of time like the previous one remains to be seen. But F1 isn’t the only big brand that’s overhauled its logo this year.

Digital Arts Online compiled a list of some of the biggest logo redesigns of 2017, which included YouTube, Converse and Audi.

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Top Web Design Trends For Ecommerce Sites Revealed

Top Web Design Trends For Ecommerce Sites Revealed

If you have an ecommerce website, you may want to take a look at some of the top trends in web design in this area for the coming 12 months – updating your site with the help of web designers in Surrey might be a must once you see the list.

Practical Ecommerce singled out five design trends to watch out for, with CSS grid layout at the top of the list.

This might not mean a lot to you if you don’t have much knowledge of web design, but what this essentially does is give designers much more control over a site’s layout, which can be very useful in the modern age where you’re often designing for various screen sizes and devices.

Another trend to look out for is full-screen search forms, which instantly direct users to search for products on your site.

It’s no secret that video content is growing in popularity, and you can expect to see much more of it on ecommerce sites in the coming 12 months, the news provider predicted.

Microinteractions are another thing you may want to build into your website’s new design. According to Nick Babich, editor in chief at Planet UX, they can help users to form habits.

“Microinteractions have the power to encourage users to actually interact. They are strong instruments that help form habit loops,” he told the news site.

The final thing on the list is guided selling, whereby your site uses questions to help direct consumers to particular products or services.

Of course, you need to make sure that you don’t get so caught up in new trends that you overlook the basics. Calls to action are one of the most basic ways in which you can get your users to interact with your site, and earlier this month one tech site highlighted how important they are in turning leads into conversions.