Getting web designers in Kingston in to revamp your site is no small decision – but it’s certainly a necessary one and one that you’ll have to make from time to time to ensure that your website stays competitive and up to date.

These days, internet users are a very discerning bunch so if you don’t have a contemporary site with all the bells and whistles they’ve come to expect as standard, don’t be surprised if they take their custom elsewhere. Here are a few web design trends coming to the fore this year that might be appropriate for you and your brand.

Neutral palettes

Colour will always have a big part to play in successful web design but you need to pick the tones that are right for the kind of industry you’re in. This year, muted and neutral colour palettes are in, so perhaps steer clear of brighter and bolder shades for the foreseeable future.

Mega navigations

These are big navigation menus that take over the screen to help web users find where they are on your site and where they want to go. It can really help boost user experience and drive conversions, while also featuring content, advertising and other subpages. Very useful!

Bold type

You want your copy to stand out online and increasing numbers of websites these days are featuring big, bold type to really help the words on the page jump out.


It’s easy for designers nowadays to build engaging animations thanks to all the visual tools they have at their disposal… so make sure you ask about this if it’s something you’d like to see on your own site.